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We are HYPE, a film production company based in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

We focus on technical services, from project development to post-production. Working with a broad network of qualified operators, high-performance equipment, an office with a comfortable editing place, we provide everything you need for your film project from step A to Z. 

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Nico Wegewitz

Founder, CEO, DoP

Nico founded HYPE in 2021, after working as a freelance Filmmaker for almost 20 years. His passion for filmmaking is endless, just as his patience and talent for solving technical challenges, along with his devouring curiosity for any new tech trend on the market!


Heide Ihlenfeld

Production assistant, accountant

Polyvalence is key! And Heide has a great deal to offer. Excelling in the areas of distribution and production, she is by Nico's side since the early days of the company, and supports the team with her community building skills. 


Judith Geisler

Production assistant, accountant

Just as a body needs a heart to live, HYPE needs Judith to function. She is dealing with the company's finances with both rigor and flair, and manifests her talent for organisation in an impressive variety of tasks we will spare you the list here.

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think you should be in our team?

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Elsa Méchin-Angot

Production assistant, director, editor

What is this French girl doing here? Well, glad you ask! Elsa joined the team in 2021 and grew into becoming HYPE´s Swiss army knife, operating camera, sound, light, doing production and post-production.

She also did this website :)


Markus Salmen

Production assistant, camera operator, editor

Markus (HYPE latest recruit) became in a few months one of the company's most precious assets. He perfectly masters the language of camera, editing and color grading. He is also our in house supermodel, and appears on all related (or unrelated) insta posts!

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