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We are HYPE, a film production company based in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

We focus on technical services, from project development to post-production. Working with a broad network of qualified operators, high-performance equipment, an office with a comfortable editing place, we provide everything you need for your film project from step A to Z. 

nico wegewitz HYPE Filmproduktion CEO_ed

Nico Wegewitz

Founder, CEO, DoP


Heide Ihlenfeld

Production assistant, accountant


Judith Geisler

Production assistant, accountant

Bildschirm­foto 2023-04-10 um 16.43.47.png


think you should be in our team?


Elsa Méchin-Angot

Production assistant, director, editor


Markus Salmen

Production assistant, camera operator, editor

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